Summer is here!

We enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day weekend lounging by the pool and grilling out with friends, which only means one thing: summer is here! The days are already flying by. Jenny’s family came out to visit in May, Craig’s sister and brother-in-law will be in Chicago this week, and we are flying to California in July for groomsman Ryan’s wedding (and maybe a pit stop at Disneyland :) ). We are very excited for what this summer holds, but can’t believe there is still so much to do before August 18.

We’ve been planning for this day for many months, and one of our favorite parts is seeing our friends and family start to plan for it too. Each day is now filled with a “Aunt So-and-So is coming!” We know many of you are starting to receive your invitations and hope you’ll be able to celebrate with us.

One question a few have asked: The chapel and reception hall are both air-conditioned. We can’t promise what the weather will be like though, so be praying for a beautiful day!

Feel free to comment here or email us with questions. Hope to see you soon.


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